This chapter seeks to reveal the many facets of our natural and our man-made, three-dimensional world that challenge the lighting designer to be visually articulate. Facets, whether cut in diamond, formed by the human face, the body in motion, or the dynamism of bold...


The way we control the balance of light and darkness, whether nuanced or heavy-handed, is often the difference between lighting design and gross illuminated engineering. In this chapter on shadow, we will attempt to focus on the more designed aspects of the topic. As...


“Still” imagery, even when presented sequentially or at a deliberate pace, allows the viewer to experience a deeper and more significant awareness of both the performance and of the ephemeral medium of light.


What do Ram Dass and Albert Einstein have in common? The belief in something they knew but couldn’t see. This chapter contains a brief history of the origins of laser lighting and fun montage of entertainment and branding applications.

About the Author

What a long strange trip it’s been, indeed. This final chapter of “The Chronicle of Light,” a video book, (vook) by lighting designer Mark D. Kruger, gives nods and gratitude to Mark’s mentors, inspirations, students, colleagues, and...