Lighting designer Mark D. Kruger, MIES, chronicles his expertise and experience as a New York dance, theatrical, rock and roll, architectural, landscape and interior lighting designer, through words, pictures, drawings, and video compilations. This “video...

The Business of Lighting Design

a.k.a. “Cover Your Ass” Did they teach you how to write or negotiate a contract in design school? I thought so. “Read” this chapter for a taste of what you should ask for in compensation, and how to protect your work and your business, (yes,...


The Paper Trail: Documenting Your Work Although “paper trail” is a relative term in cloud-based collaboration, diligence in recording the process and sharing notes on a project’s evolution is still required.


Concept is at the heart of any production, and the lighting design serves that production. Mark D. Kruger shares his thoughts on the conceptual part of the design process.


This simultaneously technical and whimsical chapter examines the nature of color as it applies to light, how we see it and how light can be used to change perceptions.


Texture involves the fracturing of whole light, either in a designed fashion, or by accident. In either case, it changes a single, nondescript journey, into a de-light.